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Irene, a jewel of the west coast. Irene sets a brand new standard for Compbuild, our first map to be built with Compbuild Textures.

Irene was created for the sole purpose of going beyond Compbuild's limits, we pushed our limits to the maximum effort we could do. Built with all the latest blocks, Irene utilizes all features in order to provide a city with such detail and effort.


Irene creates a new standard for Compbuild, as we utilize all features of the game in order to create a map of high quality. Irene set the way for how we operate and how we build today. 

At the time of first thinking of Irene, we thought of using the default texture pack. Due to the default texture pack not being as realistic and "walkable" as we wanted, we decided to create our own texture pack. This texture pack expanded and overgrew our expectations, it redefined how Compbuild was viewed towards guests and people who look at our community. Irene, however having the goal of setting a new standard, was discontinued in 2021 because we wanted to better redefine our image on realism. Irene still had that old Compbuild style of over-perfectioness.

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