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Redefining our Image.

Welcome to Alaire! A city that has deep French roots but with a westernized past. Alaire is unlike anything we've made before, it's unique in its own way.

Alaire redefines Compbuild's image entirely, it is the face of Compbuild as of now and continues to be the best work that we have produced to date. The city uses Compbuild Textures, a one of a kind pack that was solely made for Compbuild and its cities. We also upgraded to the latest version of Minecraft, this allowed almost infinite potential to create whatever we want without any limitations. We made it a necessity to update to all the latest versions no matter what conditions.



Creating Alaire.


When we first started planning Alaire, we weren't so happy with Irene at the time. We didn't know what we wanted for Alaire at that time, and so we thought of ideas for a brand new city, Alaire slowly came to shape with our best planning involved and with full force. 

The first decision was made that we wanted a map inspired by East Coast USA, states such as Florida, New York, and Maine were used for planning the natural landscape of the general area. For Downtown Alaire we used Toronto and Miami as a major inspiration for the layout. Since Alaire has French roots, we also decided to make Alaire have inspiration from actual French cities. This combines the style of North American and European cities making you feel like you're in Europe and America at the same time.


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