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Welcome to Alaire! The biggest and most advanced project that Compbuild has ever done before. Take a visit to the East Coast USA and explore the thousands of architectural styles that are used across the world, only in Alaire.

Alaire redefines our image entirely and continues to stand as the best work we have produced to date. The entire project utilizes Compbuild Textures, a one-of-a-kind pack exclusively designed for Compbuild and its cities. Constructed with the latest blocks and harnessing the newest Minecraft features, Alaire represents a revolutionary step forward from our previous endeavors. We are committed to maximizing the use of new features and are fully prepared to leverage our capabilities.


In its nascent stages, Alaire emerged as a haphazard idea, an ambition to surpass our previous city-building endeavors whilst retaining our core roots . The planning process was a journey of exploration and trial and error, we wanted to have Alaire as perfect as possible and something that can last for years or maybe even decades. 

As we envisioned Alaire, we were driven by the desire to infuse it with the charm with lots of architectural styles from North America and Europe but still blending in with the map and feeling realistic. The map's natural terrain drew inspiration from the stunning landscapes of the East Coast USA, where states like Florida, New York, and Maine lent their distinct characters to shaping Alaire's natural terrain.

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