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We are a community claimed by many to have some of the best builders in the creative scene and builders that you can learn some of the best tips from.

Our community is founded on ambition and creativity, our ambition leads us to create whatever we would like with the highest quality possible. Ambition requires creativity, something that's only achievable through being a community.




Compbuild's story dates back to 2017, when we were first founded. The server was started by C0mputerrr and a group of some formerly close friends. 


2018 was when Compbuild took off for the first time. This year had updates that heavily impacted the community and features that still exist in some form.


2019 wasn't the best year for Compbuild, but it was very memorable. This year introduced what Compbuild is about to evolve into and what the future of Compbuild is going to look like.  


Compbuild evolves into something amazing, this was the year that Compbuild gained the most recognition amongst people who aren't in our community. Compbuild continues to get bigger and bigger each day, with new updates being introduced frequently.


Welcome to modern-day Compbuild! 2021 was the fastest and most important year yet in Compbuild's history. This year started off with a bang and eventually became greater and greater.


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