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Compbuild was founded on the goal of expression through creativity in Minecraft. We wanted to create a unique space where anyone could build whatever they want in any type of environment you want. We offer a lot of unique worlds, that you can't find anywhere else. We have a commitment to excellence and greatness. 


Compbuild was established in November 2017, amid modest anticipation building from early October to its launch. With many of Compbuild's members and staff being relatively inexperienced at that time, we embarked on an exploration of new ideas. The years 2018 and 2019 marked our early phase, with singular focus on a map. In 2020, a pivotal shift occurred as we introduced multiple maps and unveiled Compbuild Textures, a groundbreaking texture pack designed exclusively for Compbuild-related projects.

Compbuild Textures, coupled with the emergence of Alaire in 2021, brought about a revolution in the Minecraft creative landscape. 2021 stands out as our most impactful year, a period of comprehensive modernization for Compbuild, ushering in a new era. Our recent endeavors in 2023 have garnered considerable attention, pushing the boundaries of Minecraft creativity even further.

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