Compbuild has changed.

Compbuild REDUX is a Minecraft creative community that has been around since 2017. The goal is to create a space to build, make friends, and more. We set goals and aim to finish them. - on the way to that.


Redefining the industry.

Here at Compbuild, we want to bring ambition and innovation. Irene, a Minecraft city built with top quality industry-level standards. We want to attempt what has never been done before. We like to take what's already here and improve it. 

To achieve our result, we rely on the community. We use Compbuild Textures to achieve our realistic result, Compbuild Textures is a realistic resource pack designed for architecture, modernism, and almost any style in architecture. We aren't afraid to push our limits on Compbuild, and we have proved this yet again with Compbuild Textures. Download it today to change your life.

Utilizing what we've made.


Latest projects.

Our discord.

Compbuild has an official discord guild! Join the server today and meet our team, as well as hang out and chat.

Our Patreon.

Compbuild also has a patreon, our patreon keeps us up and running twenty four seven. We would appreciate if you joined us on patreon and support us.



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