Compbuild Textures.

Compbuild Textures is a resource pack made solely for our main project, Irene. Compbuild Textures most mainly focuses on our main project and community feedback like the rest of our server. This pack stands out because of the features inside of it, a lot of the features in the pack are what Minecraft builders, especially those who focus on modernism and traditionalism, would've dreamed of many years ago. Compbuild Textures relies on Optifine, which makes biome dependent models and blocks. The way it works is, place a dead tube coral fan and then use WorldEdit and type //setbiome mountain_edge. This would make the chair turn into a modern-looking chair, there are also more variants.   

Disclaimer: This pack requires Optifine 1.14.4, and some features may not work without it. Download it here

C0mputerrr - Main Artist
ArtFlo91, Eisregen, Lukolaz - Flows HD
Exevium - Flows HD 1.10+ Revival



+ 400+ Unique Textures

+ 150+ Unique Models

+ Connected Textures

+ Clean Modern Aesthetic 

+ Versatile Textures and Models

+ It's awesome as heck

How to install.

1. Install OptiFine

2. Click "Download"

3. Open your resource pack folder and unzip

the pack.

4. Equip the pack

5. Have fun!



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