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Compbuild Textures

This is the texture pack used by Compbuild. It's the only one of its kind and offers combinations of the most advanced features combined with OptiFine.

What is Compbuild Textures?

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Compbuild Textures is a realistic resource pack. Designed for Minecraft Architecture, Compbuild can be used for so much more. There are thousands of unique models available through biome dependency and custom item models that you can place. With Compbuild Textures, you can create realistic envrionments all within Minecraft with no cost. We are always up-to-date with the latest Minecraft features, our pack will be on the latest version of Minecraft most of the time.

How we made it.

Years ago, we set out to create a texture pack that would redefine our vision of cities. We started with an edit of the popular Flows HD texture pack, widely used in the Minecraft city-building community. Through years of dedicated work, Compbuild Textures evolved into its own unique pack that separated it from Flows. We carried Compbuild's updates and eventually innovated the pack to all the latest versions of Minecraft. 


- Regular Updates
- Biome Dependent Models & Blocks
- Over 1000 unique vanilla models
- Thousands of textures
- Every single block textured


How to Install.

1. Install OptiFine on the latest version
2. Install the pack from the download button
3. Once you have installed the pack on your machine, move it to AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks
4. Enable the pack in-game 
5. Enjoy!

Takes you to PlanetMinecraft.

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Pack Catalog.

This is where you'll find a mostly full catalog of Compbuild Texture's blocks and items. We have a pack reference world on our server which is updated almost every update to the pack on our server. You can get there by typing /warp Pack and there are other subwarps of each section.

In the pack catalog, you won't find everything listed. We excluded items and blocks that are readily available in the creative mode inventory. Additionally, CIT items are not included, as it's more convenient to download the pack reference world for those. The pack catalog displays all the blocks that you wouldn't normally find in the creative menu.

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