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Why Compbuild has been on 1.14.4 for over two years.

It's been a long while since Compbuild has ever updated from 1.14.4 to any later version. Well, why is this? It's a variety of complex reasons that can take a while to understand. On June 26th, 2019, Compbuild updated to 1.14.3 and later 1.14.4. That was the last version Compbuild ever updated to. Now when 1.15 was released why didn't Compbuild update to 1.15 at the time? Compbuild actually tried to update to 1.15 but failed due to plugin compatibility. During the development of Compbuild Textures, biome-dependent blocks were introduced making it impossible to set them biomes accurately due to a feature in 1.15+. Compbuild stayed on 1.14.4 for months, keeping the server engaged and growing to its height in early and mid-2021. Over time, 1.14.4 would slowly age and eventually reach the point where Compbuild would lose some plugin compatibility. Game-breaking bugs were also found in the server which caused frequent wipes of builds to happen. At the time, we were also floating around the idea of the "New map", the successor to Irene. To enhance the new map, we finally decided to update to the latest version and update the pack to 1.17. Developing the new pack and finalizing the new map is expected to be next month. The shift to 1.17 is also right around the corner, stay tuned for that!

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