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The Infinite Utilization of CIT

Since Compbuild Textures 4.0, the pack has been getting lots of CIT items. It's what's been used by a lot of packs that include custom models. What is CIT? CIT stands for "Custom Item Textures", it's a feature included in OptiFine. When using a custom resource pack, you can rename an item and it'll change its texture and model. This can be applied to any item including blocks. What we like to do is edit what the item looks like on an item frame through Blockbench, then in-game we place that item on an item frame. Biome Dependent Models and Blocks is a feature of Compbuild Textures, however it can only be limited to around 46 models per block in total. CIT can also be more controlled, biome dependent blocks are best for matching environments. Starting with Compbuild Textures 5.0.6, we are going to start converting items that you'd commonly use in survival Minecraft into models. The entire miscellaneous category in the creative menu is going to transform in only in a matter of months. Compbuild Textures 5.0.7 is going to include a lot of furniture that are inspired by furniture around the world, as we get closer to the development of this update we will reveal more information. For now, we are going to start slowly updating that category of the creative menu until Compbuild Textures 6.0, the mega update that is going to complete Compbuild Textures.

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