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The Benefit of Applying for Member

Assuming you're a brand new fresh guest starting out on Compbuild, you might be wondering what it gives you and the benefit of the rank. The "Member" Rank was introduced back in 2017 when Compbuild was less than a month old as something to work for and gain rewards for. The member rank was later expanded to include the rest of the ranks like Expert and Curator. Now you're probably wondering if you need to make a commitment to being a member, which is no. Ranking up from guest to builder is just a massive step from being called someone who's here just to visit than someone who's here to build whatever you'd like. Now how do I apply? Click the "Join Us" page on our site, then fill out the information in the form. You might be intimidated by the fact that you need to fill out your Minecraft username and Discord, but it's only used for us to give you your rank and for us to tell you whether you're accepted or declined. Discord is also used to message members about server news or events. I'm accepted, now what? Congratulations! You can now build in a variety of worlds. Compbuild has a lot of worlds, so here's a quick summary of all of them. Flaetea - A flat world for members to build in. Good for creating medium-sized towns or small builds. Builder Plots - A 535x535 plot world. You can claim up to three plots. Good for storing your builds so you can copy them into other worlds. Auria - A massive 15k by 15k world with two massive islands. Auria is best for fantasy and modern builds. Nysela - A small forest world that's great for building realistic traditional builds. Now if you've grown bored of the all the choices you have, you can rank up to Expert by asking a staff member. Once you've ranked up to Expert, you can now build in Irene and a new set of worlds. I was declined on my application... Being declined is completely okay, you can always apply whenever you want. Getting declined means that you can be better than you already are. If you'd like to opt-out of Compbuild, you're free to do so. The best thing to do after you're declined is to hang out with staff members or members and learn from them. A large majority of Compbuild's staff have over half a decade of experience, so you're guaranteed to learn at least one thing from them. You may also want to take a look at Compbuild's maps and learn a thing or two. When you're ready to fill out you're application again, put what YOU call your best builds on the form.

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