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How to take amazing screenshots!

You may have seen some of our staff members or members take some amazing screenshots before on our Discord server, here's how you can also take some amazing screenshots. Before starting: Taking a Minecraft screenshot is very similar or possibly even the same steps as taking a real-life photograph. Because of this similarity, you have to consider a few things: Does real-life look good all the time? No. Does real-life look good when you make it look amazing? Absolutely. TIP 1: Camera Focus & Scene Before even pressing F2 on your keyboard to take a screenshot, you must first look at what you're taking a screenshot of. If you're taking screenshots of a city or of a single build, focus on the build only rather than other things in the picture.

TIP 2: Use the lowest FOV possible Now, the most important part is to use the lowest FOV possible, which is FOV 30. Using the lowest FOV benefits the camera focus the best. You may also want to press F1 to hide the Hotbar and shadow for a more realistic photo. FOV 30 also helps hide the messy parts of the build and hides unfinished parts if your build is still unfinished.

TIP 3: Spice it up! Now that you've used FOV 30 and camera focus, you're now ready to spice it up! Adding shaders to your photo spices up your entire scene. You can use different shaders depending on the theme and style of your build.

TIP 4: Time of day You may also want to consider the time of day you're taking the screenshot since most photographs in real life aren't taken at exactly noon or exactly night. The best times to take screenshots are at 5:10 AM, 4:30 PM, and 12:05 AM. You can use your own times as well.

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