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How To Apply, And The Benefit Of Applying

Welcome to Compbuild! Assuming you want to apply for member, this is a step by step guide on how to do so. We cover on how to apply and the massive benefits of applying. Why apply? When you apply for member, you are not applying for a job or position which you earn money from, you are applying for a title with more than a handful of benefits and rewards. Guests are limited to what they can do on our server and we've designed the guest rank like that on purpose. Guests can only use basic permissions, they cannot load schematics, they cannot set the time of worlds, they can only build in one world or sometimes two when there's a build related event happening. The entire guest rank was designed for people who like visiting our cities and if you'd like to advance further, you would have the option to rank-up to builder which would give you a handful of worlds, more tools, and more. How to apply Applying can take under 30 seconds if you have a portfolio of builds ready to share, but if you're new to building for the first time it may depend. Compbuild has the option to build in Guest Plots if you do not have builds to showcase on your application, you can build something in Guest Plots then show that on your application. The first step - your Minecraft username This is absolutely required as we require your Minecraft username to give you your rank. The second step - your Discord username We use this to usually invite you to our Discord server, where we give you updates about the server and the community. We require this because this is an important step for ranking up to expert, the rank after builder. A lot of our staff use Discord to discuss about server plans and builds we make in Alaire in our freetime. The third step - what do you build? We like to learn what our future members currently or want to build, so we give a few styles to select. The fourth - share your builds Sharing your builds is the most important part of the form, you have to share at least ONE picture of a build. All builds are judged by how much effort they have, if you were to submit a dirt box, you would be declined because it doesn't have enough effort. We ask everyone when you apply - please put effort into your builds. To submit your builds, use a website that converts images into links like

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