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How Compbuild Textures (along with other updates) was made

Creating Compbuild Textures (or any texture pack) in general is not an easy job, here's how it's done from one addition to an entire mega update.

Before an update is even thought of or planned, we take a look at bug fixes and current technical issues of the latest update. If there are any pack-breaking bugs, we release a new release with a hotfix update designed to fix that bug(s). Now, when planning a major update, we take a look at all features that need the most improvement, there's usually a priority list of which side or feature needs the most improvement. Taking as an example, the flora in the pack needed the most improvement as it was highly requested and had been untouched since the full release of the pack. STEP 1 - Let's look for some inspiration! Before creating assets for the new update, we must first look at inspiration and plan it. Here's what the reference for Sakura Leaves was in the update, the color, and style of leaves were referenced here.

A list of ideas was made during the update, then the ideas were made public for feedback purposes. Some of the ideas that were made for this update were scrapped, such as branches that can be placed, this idea was replaced by Sugar Cane trunks. STEP 2 - Let's make it and test it in-game! Now that finding inspiration was complete, we had to create the leaves in-game to see how they would look like and find what we could add with it.

The image above was a prototype version of Sugar Cane trees, seeing how they would look like in-game for the first time. We first realized that we would also have to redo a lot of our leaves models to fit with the tree trunks. Re-doing leaves were not anticipated, but this is an example of what needed improvement. STEP 3 - What else is left? Now that making leaves in-game is complete, let's see what else we can improve! Many features that were added in were not planned for in the first and second steps of making an update. Re-texturing flowers was an idea floating around that was eventually going to be left out in the update, but a decision was made to texture them as many of them look the same.

STEP 3 - Looking at previous updates, what went wrong there? In every single Compbuild Pack update, there has always been a small or even big change to something that was added in a previous update, whether that could be a small or even the highlight of the previous update.

Curved Glass was added in 4.0.4 but was later expanded upon in the latest update by adding Curved Blocks. STEP 3 - Wrapping it up and release! When all features are complete and there's nothing left to add, we're ready to add polish and fix bugs, then release! After a release, we usually have a break for a few weeks. Sometimes, an update may include bugs that we didn't notice, and some might be pack-breaking. We'll try and fix those bugs as soon as possible, if there are no bugs left, we continue our break and then think of something else that needs improvement.

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