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Compbuild Textures: Scrapped and Unreleased

You may have heard about the new Nightlife and Rosegold addons, those add-ons include assets that were scrapped and never added in the updates that were released in the last few months. Well, most of the models in those addons didn't actually have textures until we made them just for the sake of consistency. The addons do not just include scrapped assets, but they also include assets that are used as prep to make other assets (eg. chairs, tables, etc.). Some of them were modified to have some uniqueness, this created the separate add-on concept. ROSEGOLD ASSETS: Stool & Chair - You may have noticed that most of the models especially the Stool and Chair model bear a strong resemblance to the current stool model. There was originally a whole new set of furniture with the same color scheme as the stool, but we scrapped that idea and replaced it with the White Outdoor set added in version v2.0.1. Laptop - The Macbook Laptop in Rosegold was originally a scrapped model for the iMac, but the current selection of PCs was very limited at that time. The Laptop was then replaced with the iMac. Exclusively to the Rosegold Addon, more RGB lights were added and so was a custom screen. This model along with the Nightlife Laptop was used as a reference for creating electronics with screens. Hanging Vines/Vines - Out of everything added in both the Nightlife and Rosegold addons, this asset actually had the highest chance of making an appearance. The plant vines were going to be added in version 4.0, but it would've been a last-minute addition and it could've caused a delay. Now fast forward to the latest update, Hanging vines were also going to be added in this update, but it was forgotten because it was not as requested as other features. This model might make it in 5.0 or perhaps even 5.0.1, but we'll see. NIGHTLIFE ASSETS: Stool - The barstool added in Nightlife was originally going to be another model variant of the stool but it was replaced by the black variant. Chair & Table - This chair was originally going to be added in, but the same result could be done with the already existing sofas. The tables could also be done with existing blocks by adding an end rod or acacia fence and an acacia trapdoor together. Sofa - For a small period, this sofa actually existed for a short bit during the early days of Compbuild Textures. It was removed due to the addition of sofas and better chairs. Laptop - During the development of Compbuild Textures 4.0.3, many electronic models were re-modeled to be adaptable to multiple scenes (gaming, work, etc.), the current Laptop model was going to be changed into a gaming Esque laptop with RGB lights. The development of a gaming laptop started, but it was unfinished and never ended up being added. Exclusively to the Nightlife Addon, more RGB lights were added and so was a custom screen. Now that you've read the entire history of the models added in the Nightlife and Rosegold addon, what are your thoughts about them? Would you like to ever see these models be added in Compbuild Textures 5.0?

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