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Compbuild - Brand New Site

It's been a while since there have been any updates! So, while we were gone, we designed a brand new site from scratch. This new site includes a renewed feature - the blog. Compbuild's blog will be used to inform you of new features and important announcements, server news will still be announced on the Discord server, but more important news will be announced here. Tutorials and guides will also be posted here from now on instead of the forum. FALL 2021 - THE NEW MAP This fall we're going to be seeing the appearance of what has been discussed as the "new map", next month we're going to be seeing an actual name reveal so you no longer have to call this new map a "new map". AUGUST - THE MOST EXCITING MONTH YET Although there are more exciting months to come this year, August might light the fuse for all of that. The final Compbuild Textures update will be releasing in about a week or two from now, patrons will get access to the new 1.17 pack after the final update releases. Stay tuned for what the future of Compbuild has in store!

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