Donate to Compbuild.

Statement on Compbuild's Donations.

Ever since our opening, we have been very hands-off on donations or any form of donation. This is because we do not want to turn into a cash-grab and we try to refrain from doing so. We aren't as much hands-off as we were before, but most and almost all of our donations go to our server's upkeep, managing community events, developing custom plugins, and purchasing new plugins for the server. 

Donation process.

We use Patreon for donations, as it is made for creators and is easy to track who donates. Keep in mind, our Patreon tiers are monthly subscriptions. You will be charged monthly, you can also cancel at any time.

How to donate:

1. Go to
2. Create a Patreon account
3. Choose any amount of your choice to pledge
4. Enter your credit card details (Paypal is accepted)
5. Done!


Terms of Donations.

Compbuild REDUX is an unregistered entity and therefore simply an online community, not in any legal form. The terms as described below are all owned by Compbuild REDUX, the IP: and the twitter handle @CompbuildREDUX are all owned and controlled by Compbuild REDUX's board.

`Users` who wish to make a donation through Compbuild REDUX's provided service.

1. The donation services
Compbuild REDUX will use generated funds at their discretion but within their stated objectives. This means that any donations made will not be used for personal goals, but only used to make expenses related to Compbuild REDUX, Uses of donations include, but aren't limited to, server upkeep, website, and organizing events. The Board has the authority to decide whether something is a proper Use for donations or not.


All payments will be made through PayPal using Compbuild REDUX's Patreon account, When processing a payment, a User may need to provide their personal details. Any personal details that Compbuild REDUX receives will not be shared unless the User has granted Compbuild REDUX to do so.

2. Refund Policy
It is not possible for the User to refund their pledge. The User is allowed to cancel their pledge.

3. Granted Services

When a User pledges a tier, they receive the Granted Services of the tier they pledge. A pledge or donation does not entitle how they are treated in change by Compbuild REDUX.

3. Effect of a User's position within the community
When a User makes a pledge they will only receive the perks of their pledged tier. Their community position will not affect anything.



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