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We are a community claimed by many to be the most talented builders and skilled builders with a combined experience of half a century.

That's right, you can apply for member rank which gives you access to a variety of worlds simply by sharing your builds and wait a small amount of time for staff to accept your application.

To apply, you only need to fill out 4 simple easy questions. These questions are easy and everyone should be ready to be reviewed by staff as soon as they apply.

What we expect from members:
- Kind and outgoing attitude
- Have a decent level of skill at building
- Can come to terms with certain situations

Applying is easy, you only need to fill out four questions and you're good to go!

First Question & Second Question: Fill out your Discord username and Minecraft username,  this will be the most important part of this form. We use this information to contact you if you're accepted into membership, information will not be shared without your consent and will never be used again after an applicant is accepted or declined.

Third Question: The third question asks you what style your build, this can range from Modern, Medieval, or anything that YOU build inside of Minecraft. We use this to be familiar with members and give them a specific task to perform when in Irene or any other world.

Fourth question: This question determines whether you're accepted or declined, this is even more important than the first and second questions.

When you're accepted, congratulations! Now what? You can build whatever your heart desires in all the available worlds you can access. Compbuild has many special tools that many of our members and staff use to enhance your builds and make them better. 

When you're declined, that's completely all right! Being declined is not something you should doubt yourself on, being declined means that you need a little improvement on yourself. On Compbuild, you can always apply infinitely, there is always room for improvement.





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