About us.

Here at Compbuild, we focus on creating what has never been before in the Minecraft creative scene. Compbuild is an experience you won't get anywhere else, no matter what community you are in, we stand out from the rest.

Unlike all other creative servers, we create an experience where you won't get anywhere else. From bustling cities to projects out of this world, we create new and innovative experiences where you won't get anywhere else.

Our innovation is what keeps us unique in a way, it makes our community like an experience you won't get elsewhere. Innovation is one thing, but our core is made up of innovation. 


Since we are a community-relied server, we obviously rely on the community for all of our impactful updates. We wouldn't be here today without our community.

Many of our projects are made from our ambition, this is crucial for us. Our server is made with love and care, and ambition of course. While support also keeps us running, ambition and innovation do as well. 


Compbuild's story.


The year of foundation. While 2017 was the year we publicly released, 2018 was the year we became a community. In this year, everything seemed very casual and like a second home.


While getting more into multiplayer, C0mputerrr played on a lot of servers and finds one common thing. A lot of the servers in this time are either hub-based or plain and basic survival. C0mputerrr mostly played creative, but the ones that were available were overly strict and very hands-off. Later in October, C0mputerrr starts work on Compbuild which would later be known as "CB". Compbuild released publicly on November 19th, 2017.


Compbuild embraces many impactful updates that make modern-day Compbuild. New impactful rules and many changes were introduced this year. 2019 is just the start of something amazing to come.

Compbuild really starts to shine in 2020. Our most major yet, more impactful updates are embraced and the community really becomes what it is today.




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